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The Results

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In just 28 days

21% decrease in eye wrinkle depth

23% improvement in facial wrinkles

22% improvement in facial texture

23% improvement in facial smoothness

20% increase in skin elasticity

11% increase in skin hydration

11%increase in skin moisture

Dr Mark Mullaney 

        2007 Age 51                       2013 Age 57 after 2 years on ASEA

Dr Mullaney's Mother (Rosie)


Before Starting ASEA 

aged 84 

7 weeks later

Celebrating her 90th birthday earlier this year.


Performance, Endurance, Recovery


If someone were to follow a triathlon training program for 6 months to 1 year they would expect to increase their Ventilatory Threshold (VY) by 1% - 2%.


If someone were to take illegal doping drugs, they could expect to increase their VT by 3% - 4%.


The Profound Facts:

The benefits from ASEA’s Redox Signaling Molecules increased VT by 12%, beating illegal drugs by 300% - 400%.

Athletic Breakthrough:

Double Blind Placebo Athletic Study at NC Research Centre:

  • Significant results after only 7 days

  • Mobilisation of free fatty acids as fuel

  • Shortened recovery times

  • Increased VT by 12% & VO2max by 3%

  • Overall better performance, energy and recovery

For the Precious


in your Life

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dog 2.PNG
horse 3.PNG

This poor boy shipped in with a face full of warts - they were painful and bloody. Of course warts are caused by a virus and are notoriously hard to get rid of, usually taking weeks or months. The photo on the left was his first day with us. I began spraying ASEA liberally all over his muzzle 2-3 times a day. The photo on the right is 2 weeks after beginning treatment.

This is a wonderful new topical product that is fabulous on open wounds- heat in legs or anywhere - mud fever -any injury at all, it just heals. Never used any antibiotics.

After months of:
Vet visits, antibiotics, steroids, skin scrapes, antihistamines and diet change, Diesel’s skin condition got worse. I started spraying the area several times a day and gave her 10ml orally every day
3 days later:

Open sores almost gone and Itching and scratching minimal. BRILLIANT!

1 week RENU28
All can see what a huge impact it has had for Ralphie, a middle aged dog..He is not in pain he is not tender. I can massage the R28 in and he doesn't flinch.. He hears me shake the tube before applying and rolls over onto his back (!!) for a tummy tickle!!!

So far.. Amazing! If anyone has doubt, come to my place and treat my baby Ralphie yourself.. RSM.. Redox signalling molecules are exactly what they are and ASEA is this.

A young horse shipped to our farm with serious skin issueson hind ankle. Her previouscaretakers had tried to heal the painful bleeding sores but with no luck.They said they had tried every salve known to vetinary medicine but it just wouldn’t heal.

We immediately began applying the redox gel several times a day. The photo on the left was taken when she first arrived after we had washed the blood off, the picture on the right was 5 days after starting the treatment with redox gel!

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