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Winds Can Create New Life

Need 4 Change


Need4Change is an Organisation specialised in helping people balance their Mind, Body and Spirit.


The aim of the Need4Change is to recognise that society and thus life has changed dramatically over recent years and that people need to acknowledge these changes and learn how to adapt.

A wind of change has swept through our lives has left many of us questioning every aspect of our beliefs and self worth. Our relationship with others and more importantly our relation with our self.

Need4Change will take you on a journey to look at these challenges from different perspectives and learn not only to accept these challenges but to embrace this wind of change, without fear and with confidence.


About Colette

About Colette

I began my own journey over 30 years ago when my interest in the Mind, the Body and the Spirit was first awakened. I read extensively, exploring every source of information that I could lay my hands on, from every corner of the world. Some I researched further and others I discarded, unfortunately there is as much rubbish talked about this subject as there is sense!

My insatiable curiosity coincided with moving to Asia where in total I spent 12 very happy years engrossed in the numerous cultures and beliefs. This experience opened my eyes in so many ways.

A person is the combination of Mind, Body and Spirit. Each contributes to the person as a whole. It is only when these are all in balance that we can achieve our full potential. Never has this been more important than at this moment when our societies have been ravaged by Corona Virus. This is a wind blowing through every aspect of our being, causing untold disruption to our health, our relationships and making us question so many aspects of our lives.

A Real Spirit

Need4Change can help you weather this storm

The Wind of Change has Arrived

When winds blow everything changes. Sometimes it can destroy everything in its path, but at other times it can be the beginning of new life.

Embracing the changes is the secret to not only coping with the changes but seeing the opportunities which they present.

The first step, no matter what, is to stay in balance. Do not let the changes destroy the good but see it as a cleansing which provides the opportunity to cast away that which is no longer needed.

Maintaining Balance

Maintaining Your Balance is Everything

Your Brain, Center of Self

The Mind is the most powerful force in your body. Why? Because,

What you Think, you Become.

What you Feel, you Attract.

What you Imagine, you Create.


You are not a product of your circumstances. You are a product of your decisions.

Your body is home to your thoughts and aspirations. Without Health, these are as nothing.


True health incorporates the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.

Without a healthy body the first necessity for true health is broken and the rest collapse.


Spirit comes from the Latin word for "breath," and like breath, spirit is considered a fundamental part of being alive.

It is the ability to look in the mirror and accept who you are and accept those around you without being judgmental. 

Loving yourself is just the beginning.

Balance is Everything
How Can Need4Change Help?
Attend one of my Workshops 
Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your Life. Don't just live it, Own It!
Students on one of my Courses
Malaysian Students

Courses are held regularly both in Europe and Asia. Size of classes vary but could be as few as 6 or as large as 30 or more. The full syllabus covers all 3 aspects Mind, Body and Spirit and generally is held over 3 days. Often Guest Lecturers will also participate.


The format of the course is as far as possible informal, because in my view there is no contradiction between learning and having fun at the same time. 

In many respects the course becomes a journey of self -discovery. It is only when we truly understand who we are that we can address the "who I want to be".

There is a strong focus on interaction between the students with regular break-out sessions where students can discuss any aspect of the topics covered with their new found friends.

We all come together with different life experiences. Invariably students come from different countries and often of different faiths. No matter the background of anyone, every person is worthy of respect and the ethos of the Academy reflects this.

As we dive into the 3 subjects we will examine the power of the Mind and the effect it has on every other aspect - without self-belief we have nothing.

Moving on to the Spirit, we will use techniques that will help you  understand who you truly are, rather than who perhaps you think you are. In many cases this can be an emotional but rewarding experience, as your eyes open for perhaps the first time.

Finally, we look at the Body. We live and die at the cellular level and unless we understand the communication pathways in the body we will never understand how to take care of it.

Will I come away a changed person? Perhaps. You will certainly be more aware of what makes you tick than you have ever been before.  And you will have been given the tools to make any changes that you feel necessary.


Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your Life. Don't just live it, Own It!

Course Content: Fabulous!

Better than I had expected especially the … well of it! Very nicely done. Easy to understand and follow! Support material was put together well and looking forward to the next one!

Additional Comments: Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

By M.W. (American)


Course Content: 100% great.

Meditations great. Very interesting and informative. Presentation very good with just the right balance of respect for the material and humor to lighten things. Workbook great.

Additional Comments: I learnt an awful lot. Colette is a great teacher. No ego, Thank God. Can’t say enough about the course.

By M.A. (Canadian)


Course Contents: Very informative and good discussion sessions.

The presentation was very clear and precise and good fun. Support material was good, helpful – made it easier to understand.

Additional Comments: Able to discuss, had a lot of fun while we worked hard. Thank you for all your love and support and encouragement.

By H.A.H. (Malaysia)


Course Contents: WOW!

There’s a lot in this course, but I felt it was covered well and in depth. Interesting, generally quite interactive, makes the content easier to remember and support material very comprehensive.

Additional Comments: None.

By W.D. (U.K.)


Course Contents: The course was inspiring – there are no other words.

Additional Comments: We had a week of deep spiritual insights, full of joy and laughter. Thank you Colette – for this and for everything – for your generosity with your knowledge and gifts (and the practical things)

By B.N. (Turkey)


From Japanese students

I don’t speak English but the teacher had a magnetic aura and I spent wonderful 6 days. I feel regret for not speaking English I wish to communicate with you in English next time.

By Yuko



If you have any questions, comments or would like a face to face (I am based in Stratford upon Avon) or prefer a Skype or Zoom call please be kind enough to complete the following registration. I also confirm that your data will NOT SHARED WITH ANYONE but myself.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Embrace this Wind of Change
Set Your Mind Free
Let your True Colours Shine

If, for whatever reason you are uncomfortable completing the form then just send me an email.

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