The Language of Colour

Can the understanding of colour really help us, and what do we mean by colour? Just run your cursor over the image below and see how it changes? Colour adds depth, personality, vibrancy, vitality, it changes the mundane to something living. You don't only see colour, you radiate it and you are influenced by it all the time. When you understand what colours you radiate you can then begin to realise that these are the first steps in understanding how you relate to others and how you are perceived by others. The body is a mass of energies each of which contribute to the whole. It is this energy that you radiate out into the world. Some people just seem to radiate and exude happiness whereas others can be so depressing that you even try to avoid them and other people have what we sometimes call " presence", you know when they have entered the room without even seeing them. Just what is going on?

Let me put it this way; "You are the Manifestation of Colour". You are colour in the way you dress, the way you act, the way you think, the way you speak and the way you see your personal world. You are a combination of colours like it or not, and because everything is a vibration or an energy you are an energy field full of colour and no one colour is better than another colour. But these energies are not monochrome. Again slide your cursor over the image below and see the real you.......

When you begin to understand the language of colour you can then relate it to yourself on a personal level as well as on a relationship level and at that point you can begin to see the dynamics of your life at work and how you make things happen, be that in a positive way or the way you interact with others. Understanding yourself as colour can change the way you think about yourself for the better and it can improve your relationships with others and your environment.

When you really understand this language of colour, all manner of wonderful things begin to appear in your life and your whole outlook can improve enormously. By following your yellow brick road of knowledge to a better understanding of who you are you can experience a journey of self discovery to find the true you. After writing two books and using the garden as a metaphor my second book has become a course called "Colour Full Days". This course is based upon this metaphor of the garden and through this journey you begin to acknowledge colour in a way that will be improving your gardens by clearing your weeds and allowing colorful flowers to grow and empowering yourself in the process.

There are many colour modalities already out in the world, but all I am asking for is that you take a different look at yourself through your own eyes and your own world of colour. When you come to one of my courses they are about exploration, fun, and to remove barriers that inhibit us from truly shining our own colours out into the world. Remember everyone is constantly being programmed from outside influences, such as teachers, parents, friends, the boss - all manner of people and all situations are colouring your world. Don't hide your true colours...... Come and experience Colourful Days at the Academy.

My courses will allow you to be you and to express who you are in a colorful way and to remove the box we all put ourselves into.

Colourfull Days Course

This is a course full of fun, music, play and practical exercises in how to clear energies and stabilize the chakras and become more energy sensitive through feeling and seeing the energies around you.

You are taught the importance of colour in relation to each chakra and you are given an overview of the Subtle Anatomy. As you acquire an in depth understanding of the chakra anatomy, colour and how this affects yourself and others in your daily life you can then begin to understand at a much deeper level how to help yourself, friends, clients and colleagues and even your businesses.

With the assistance of colour you are taught how to identify where you are under-performing and through practical techniques how to correct any imbalance. With the understanding of colour, you will see that the effectiveness can be augmented, helping you to achieve a healthier, more balanced state of being.

Colour is what brings this world alive and the more you understand the meaning of colour the more alive you will become! Take flight........

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